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    We are professional displaying equipments manufacturer and exporter in China over ten years of experience. Nowadays, Magic Power Display is a complete company in the production of display items related variety of materials, like: aluminum, stainless steel, metal iron, acrylic, glass, wood, PVC, ect,  which related professional process, like: thermoforming molding, polishing, painting, electrostatic powder spraying, silk-screen and heat transfer printing, ect . It deals with the most important sector of the market, like: advertising, retailing, eyewear, cosmetic, automotive, supermarket, pharmaceutical, furniture.etc.  

As a professional manufacturer, we have variety of products, including:
1. Aluminum modular display system;
2. Special mould-making display stands;
3. Leaflet/brochure/literature stand;
4. Shop fitting display;
5. Acrylic display;
6. Display showcase/cabinet/shelf;
7. Light boxes;
8. Customized exhibit booths;
9. Aluminum frame;
10. Slatboard Panels;
11. Cable display system
12. Banner, ect
Which surely will attract you.  

The products of high quality, novel design and in low cost have been successfully established and highly recognized in the domestic market as well as abroad. We own our factory in large acreage and have strong productivity to produce what you want in large quantities and in a reasonable lead time. The devotion to duty, the continuous quest for quality, the in-depth knowledge of our technical staff, the great care dedicated to our production had transformed a little laboratory into a wide-ranging company able to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Or you have new idea for special usage? Here we can do whatever you can think. You are welcome to send us your ideal samples or relative information and we can make it in accordance with the specifications.

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